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Pioneer are responsible for producing some of the most important pieces of DJ equipment in the music industry. At the time of their release, the ground breaking CDJ was a game changer and their DJ mixers are a must for DJ's world over.

Pioneer produce a large range of DJ and quality home HiFi products. We carry their popular DJ mixers and classic CDJ'S for house parties, private functions or a club nights.

Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3

Need to hire Pioneer CDJ1000? The upgrade to Pioneer's industry leading CD turntable. Pioneer has always led the way when it come to CD turntables, introducing the first CD player that could truly emulate vinyl control with the CDJ-1000 and keeping it up


Pioneer CDJ2000

The new generation in CDJ is here. Building on the success of their industry standard CDJ1000, Pioneers CDJ2000 fizzes with fresh DNA, designed to play from multiple sources. Including; CD, DVD, USB storage devices and SD memory cards. The CDJ2000 feature


Pioneer DJM600 4 Channel Audio Mixer

The DJM-600 is a powerful 4 channel effects mixer with such great versatility that it is one of the most popular mixers on the market. The DJM-600 boasts an intuitive range of Beat Effects and a multitude of channel and cross fader options.


Pioneer DJM800 4 Channel Audio Mixer

Pioneer pushed the boundaries of conventional DJing with added functionality of effects, midi triggers and numerous other features that will help you expand your DJ horizons! Featuring 4 conventional analogue inputs providing plenty of room to simultaneou


Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Player

Pioneers DVDJ X1 add video to the revolutionary design of the Pioneer CDJ player. Capable of mixing, scratching and looping DVD video (and Audio) media much like CD's in a CDJ player!