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Proel is an Italian manufacturer of PA equipment. They produce a varied range of speakers and sound systems that are used in everything from community halls, schools, bars, nightclubs, churches as well as stadiums!

Proels products have a reputation for being tough and always performing even in the most demanding environments. AVDJ chose Proel based on their reputation of quality and durability and we rely on their speakers for all our small sound systems jobs and installs almost everyday!

Ask one of our sales rep which Proel Speaker package is best suited for your next Auckland event!

Proel 350w Active Sub Woofer Speaker (SW115A)

Add The Proel SW15A active sub woofer to your system for that extra much needed bottom end! Easily transported in any standard vehicle and setup in minutes. With built in amplifier this subwoofer unit is our 'active', all in one, bass solution! Designed t