Data / Video Projectors

Browse our range of data projectors / video projectors for rental in Auckland. We have projectors for all applications including office presentations, home cinema / home movie nights, outdoor projections, large venue AV installations and more.

Advanced Projector (SANYO XU-101)

The XU-101 is a super bright portable projector that produces sharp images in medium - high light conditions. With 4000 lumen brightness, it is our most popular projector for medium - large sized events and venues where significant background lighting is


Advanced Projector (SANYO XU-105)

The Sanyo XU-105 is one of the brightest projectors in its class producing clear images in medium to high light conditions. With 4500 lumen brightness and a maximum image size of 300 inches (diagonally) it is the perfect projector for a large scale event


Industrial HD Projector (Barco FLM HD18)

Barco's FLM HD18 is the quietest 18,000 lumens native HD projector on the market today. Being very compact and extremely bright due to our liquid cooled optics (patent pending), the FLM projector is designed to be the perfect solution for rental & staging


Large Scale HD Projector (Panasonic PT-DW90X)

Panasonic PT-DW90X HD projector is designed for large scale video projection. Featuring 10,000 lumen brightness and interchangeable lenses, this projector is a great option for the large scale video events, full cinema sized projections as well as large s


Professional Projector (SANYO XU-50)

The Sanyo XU-50 is our professional grade projector, featuring 2500 lumen brightness and a short throw lens, the Sanyo XU-50 is an ideal choice for board room presentations and other small to medium sized rooms with low light levels. The XU-50's short thr


Standard Projector (SANYO XU-73)

The Sanyo XU-73 Projector is our entry level projector. Perfect for low light conditions or environments where the lighting can be dimmed, it is suitable for home movie nights, birthday parties and other small events. If you are looking for a low cost pro