Ensure Future Proof Design

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Nothing is more frustrating than spending your hard earned cash on the latest or greatest piece of hifi, only to find out that next month the latest version is high def, has more inputs, is louder or is just better!

We find one of the key areas of frustration for the user is not being made aware of the limitation of the equipment and design. It's all well and good being sold on all the bells and whistles, but what happens if you introduce a new gadget or mobile device and suddenly realise that all the equipment needs to be changed because it's incompatible. Or you decide to add an extra TV in the bedroom or kitchen and have to spend all that money again because the existing system doesn't have enough room to grow.

We are here to help and provide you advice and peace of mind regarding what you should buy now and give you an idea of what you may do down the line. This will not only increase your enjoyment, but will also reduce the cost!

Our technicians and account managers are avid AV junkies and genuinely love this industry. They will be guaranteed to be as excited about your home theatre installation as you are and as a result they will provide advice second to none! AVDJ's mantra is always do it right the first time.

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