Equipment Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to have organised to be able to hire something from you?
As always you will need proof of ID and address. This needs to be a photo ID such as a driver's license or passport and a proof of address such as utility bill.
Do you require a deposit?
On a case by case basis and depending on the equipmnet value… In some cases we require a deposit for certain gear we hire out. The total amount varies depending on the equipment.
Does AVDJ set the gear up?
We can set the equipment up for a set hourly rate, carrying a minimum charge of $110. When you are placing an order with AVDJ, our technicians will ask if you require the equipment to be setup. If you prefer to save cost and do an independent setup, our technician will simply drop the equipment off at location.
How safe are your online credit card transactions?
AVDJ uses paypal for its credit card transactions and does not store your credit card details. PayPal has designed many checks and balances into its system to keep errors and fraud to a bare minimum. You won't find another online financial institution that's better at protecting its customers than PayPal. By utilising the very latest in secure technology and employing a large team of experts in all areas of online safety, PayPal continues to be a leader in safe online payments around the world
Do I need a paypal account?
No… You can elect to simply use the "Don't Have Paypal Account" option when you are at the paypal screen. This options allows you to pay the amount with regular credit / debit card as a paypal guest.
What happens to my deposit?
In the event we take a deposit, your deposit will be refunded once the complete order is returned to AVDJ offices and is deemed to be in the same condition it was prior to dispatchment. If your payment was with paypal we will issue a refund back to your paypal account or credit / debit card. If you have made a direct credit into our account, we will refund your deposit to which ever bank account you supply us.
I am pretty good with gadgets. Can’t I set it up myself and save some coin?
Sure… If you are comfortable setting up DJ gear or a projector, let us know when you are booking the gear and you will only be charged for the equipment hire.
Can I keep it for an extra day?
In most cases and with a little warning it is OK to keep an item for an extra day. AVDJ only carries high end brands for the professional and as a result most of our gear goes out the same day it comes in. We have multiple pieces of equipment available for hire but it's best to let us know as soon as possible, so that we are able to easily accommodate you. The normal daily rate will apply for additional days.
Does your pricing include GST?
No… All of our daily rate prices and custom package prices do not include GST.
Do you offer multiple hire and package deals?
Yes… We have a couple of popular packages listed on our site. If there is a particular combination of items you need, contact us and we will sharpen our pencils.
Do you hire your equipment long term?
Yes… We offer discounts on long term hire. Contact us for a custom quote.
Do you supply all necessary cables to get me going?
Yes… All our gear will come with power cables, audio cables (if audio product), VGA, DVI, S-Video, Component Video Cables (if Video Product). If there is a particular cable or adapter you need, please let us know. In most cases we will supply you with one free of charge when we drop the equipment off.
Are there any extra accessories with this gear?
If there are any specific accessories such as mounting clamps, road cases or adapters. This will be listed on the product page. We have an impressive collection of cables and adapters, so if there is a particular adapter you need for your project, let us know and in most cases we are happy to include this in the hire package free of charge.
Why should we use AVDJ?
We deal only with high end brands, we have passion for these products and we know our stuff. AVDJ co founders and head Technicians have over a decade of experience in producing large scale events and concerts in NZ and as a result, understand your needs better than anyone else.
Why do all the professionals love AVDJ?
Because we are number 1! We've personally produced over 500 NZ events in the last 10 years. These include Roots Manuva, Dizzie Rascal, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Coldcut, Thievery Corporation, DJ Krush, DJ Vadim, Lupe Fiasco and many more - all performed using our gear. Nothing but the best for the best right?
What happens if I break it?
Well… As you would expect. You break it you pay for it. Our gear is tested before and after each rental. If it comes back damaged we will charge you the cost of repair and in some cases replacement. Play nice with AVDJ gear please!
Do you have Technicians that can be available for the duration of my event?
Yes… If you are organising a large event, conference or presentation that requires a lot of AV gear, we can provide experienced Technicians to set up and manage the equipment during the event. This is based on an hourly or daily rate and the rate varies depending on the need, amount of gear and particular Technician we assign to your project. Please contact us to discuss.
Is your equipment insured?
No… You need to provide your own insurance for loss or damage or check to see if it is covered under your own home and contents or business insurance. If it gets stolen in your possession then you are liable for the replacement cost.
I was having too good a time and noise control shut me down, what do I do?
If noise control confiscates any AVDJ gear due to excessive noise while it is in your care then you are liable for the cost of the fine when it is picked up from the council. PLUS you will be charged the daily rate until it is returned. AVDJ recommends keeping the peace with neighbours!
What happens if I want to cancel an order?
AVDJ requires 3 days notice for all cancellations. If you cancel with less than 3 days notice you will be charged a minimum daily rate for all equipment that is part of the order. Items cannot be cancelled once they have left the AVDJ offices. For more information regarding AVDJ's cancellation policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions section.