Home Installation Consultation

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AVDJ can consult and help you on your home installation, whether it is for a new property or an existing one. It is always a good idea to have an expert second opinion when making such a large investment that will provide so much entertainment for the whole family. Your AVDJ account manager will look through your home theatre installation quotes and provide you with impartial feedback on the components, their reliability, value for money and overall compatibility.

One of the key frustrations we are told of when speaking with clients is that after planning an installation and getting it finished, they realise one year down the track that if they had only spent that extra $20 for one more strand of wire in the wall, they could have had so much more flexibility with their equipment and use of it. Or that extra TV you now want to put in the kitchen, would work without any need to redo the whole setup.

Our aim is to understand your current requirements, as well as what you may want to add in the future. We'll provide you with advice that allows you to not only enjoy your system now, but will reduce frustration 6 months down the line!

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