Home Theatre Integration

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AVDJ is your one stop solution to bring the best out of your existing home theatre setup. More often than not we find that the existing components (TV, stereo and speakers) are completely adequate, but incorrectly setup or connected.

Have one of our expert AV guru's visit you at home and look over your AV installation to see if it can be better utilised or setup. We often find it is as simple as a case of adding one inexpensive cable to the equation, drastically improving your picture quality. Video resolution and home theatre audio channels can be a challenge to completely understand and we are here to simplify this process and help you to achieve the maximum enjoyment of what you have already spent your hard earned dollars on. Should you want advice on what the latest and greatest gadget is in the hi-fi and AV world, we can point you in the right direction!

How can AVDJ improve your home theatre experience? AVDJ will:

Work with you to understand any frustrations you may be having and which areas you would like to see an improvement; whether it is picture quality, true home theatre sound or simplifying the process so that all members of the family can use it.

Check your existing setup and ensure you are using all components to the best potential. Including correct cables for high definition TV, Freeview or SKY, as well as true home theater surround sound systems.
Simplify the entertainment system by reducing the number of components and by removing remote clutter on the coffee table!

Suggest areas of improvements and provide info on the latest and greatest hifi components. We will recommend the most reliable brands and those that are easiest to use.
Integrate all your digital media content to one central location and allow all your family's devices to access this content.
Calibrate your flat screen display and make sure you are seeing the colour palette as the director intended!

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