Improving Existing Setup

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It's not always about spending money to buy the latest and greatest gadget. Often we find it's as simple as adding an inexpensive cable to the mix which drastically increases the quality of picture or sound. It's is like having a brand new TV or stereo, but only paying $10 for a cable!
What we commonly see in our home theatre appraisals is a completely adequate system that is not being used as efficiently as possible or is not setup correctly. Every device has a rating, TV's have resolutions, and projectors carry pixel count. Sometimes it can be a challenge to know for certain that the components you have are being used to their full potential.

Your AVDJ account manager will look over your existing home theatre and make sure it is being used and setup correctly. They will advise you on how to setup it up properly or suggest a new gadget or hifi component that may revolutionise your home theatre experience.

No job is too small or too big, whether it's tweaking all the gear to get proper home theatre sound or a perfect picture from your TV or providing the Royse Royce entertainment wish list.

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