Integrating Digital Media

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These days everything is in digital format. Whether it's precious moments captured in still or moving image or entire music/movie collections, more often than not all these files and videos are in different places; personal computers, portable hard drives, USB disks, portable devices and others. The common misconception is that it is just too hard and expensive to integrate everything. As it happens, it is very easy to bring all these files into one central location.

AVDJ will provide you an easy to use system that utilises your existing gadgets or one that incorporates a central file hub that all your devices can connect to. You will be able to access it at anytime or all at once, in the house or anywhere in the world!

AVDJ can provide you free open source software such as XBMC to create an easy to use digital library that stores all your movies, pictures and music in one location. It can be accessed by any member of the family.

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