Mac Mini i7 with Solid State Hard drive and ProvideoPlayer (PVP) playback software licence. Ideal solution for bringing all those video files (of various formats) together in an easy to use interface. Create playlists or trigger video files manually. The software is uncluttered and simple to use and manage. Running on a super fast and very portable solid state Mac Mini!


ProvideoPlayer (PVP) software allows you to import your entire video clip library into a simple interface and mix them in real time to create impactful video stage presentations. With an easy to use intuitive interface, you can build multiple playlists to prepare for any event. From within PVP, you can modify the colour, speed, and playback parameters of your videos without effecting the original files. You can set clips to transition automatically, loop, or even manually cross-fade one video to another with the virtual T-bar.

Multi-Resolution (HD & SD)
Multi-screen via network
High-quality cross-dissolves
Manual or automatic transitions
On-the-fly hue, contrast, and speed manipulation
Grid Mapping and Tiling

Designed to enhance live staging events such as concerts, trade show booths, conferences, or church services, ProvideoPlayer manages an unlimited amount of clips in an unlimited number of playlists and gives a tremendous amount of control to the playback of these video clips including Hue, Brightness, Saturation, Start/Stop times, and speed, either on a global or per-clip basis. Whether for a special occasion or as a fixed installation, PVP can enhance your productions with video in a manner that will have your audience talking.

The software is uncluttered and simple to use and manage. It runs exclusively on Mac OS X and is a Universal binary, meaning it will run optimally on Macs built with the new Intel processors or PowerPC processors.

ProvideoPlayer (HD) supports any resolution you need with its only limit being that of what the QuickTime architecture can support (maximum of 4k x 4k). This works well for presenting High-Definition content as well as creating 3-screen presentations.

ProvideoPlayer (SD) costs 30% less and the only difference is it has a limit on the maximum resolution is supports (up to 800x600). Therefore it's great if you only need to present Standard-Definition content.

Our ProvideoPlayer Network Node (NN) supports any resolution as well and is half the price of our HD version to significantly reduce the cost of multi-screen installations. It can also act as a Master for remote control. Its only limitation is that it can NOT display both the operator panel and the output window simultaneously (you can toggle between them though).

ProvideoPlayer offers the unique ability to synchronize video playback across multiple machines. By putting multiple PVP machines on your network, one Master PVP machine can control multiple Slave machines. Plugging each computer into its own projector creates a dynamic staging experience that is hard to match... we're talking video backdrops behind your performers that span the entire stage!

ProvideoPlayer also offers two unique features that allow for more creative and flexible implementations of PVP - Grid Mapping and Tiling.

In Grid Mapping, the entire video is played, but only the designated portion is sent to the display. This setting is configured on-the-fly in the "Screen" preferences panel. Grid Mapping is useful in multi-screen situations because you can load the same video on each machine. Then configure each system to play only their respective segment. This prevents having to cut up every clip appropriately in post production which saves a great deal of time.

In Tiling, the entire video is played, but tiled across the display in accordance with its respective grid setting. This setting is also configured on-the-fly in the "Screen" preferences panel. Tiling can also be set on a per clip basis.


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