Run 3 high definition (VGA / DVI) TV, Monitor or projectors from one computer (Mac + PC)

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The latest in Matrox's series of Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXM), TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is an external multi-display upgrade device that connects via the dual-link DVI or analog output of your system and can support both analog and digital monitors and projectors.

Run two or three monitors from your laptop or desktop computer
Supports a maximum resolution of 3840x1200 (2x 1920x1200) or 5040x1050 (3x 1680x1050)
Works with LCDs, CRTs and projectors
Uses your system's existing GPU to deliver a stable platform for office, 3D design, and multimedia applications
Experience Surround Gaming by expanding supported 3D games across three monitors; achieve a much wider in-game field of view
Matrox Bezel Management compensates for monitor bezel gaps to bring realism to gaming and digital signage
Quick and easy to install; there's no need to open the computer case or insert components
Spans taskbar across monitors for easy access to all your open applications
Matrox Clone to view a copy of one display on the other displays (available on TripleHead2Go DP Edition only)
Includes Matrox PowerDesk software to easily manage your desktop configuration
External device that won't void your system warranty
Expand your desktop further and connect a second TripleHead2Go to your graphics hardware to support up to six monitors at a time3
PC and Mac compatible


DualHead Display modes4 Resolution Refresh Rates

2048 x 768 60Hz, 2560 x 1024 60Hz, 2720 x 768 60Hz, 2880 x 900 60Hz, 3200 x 1200 60Hz, 3360 x 1050 60Hz, 3840 x 12005 58Hz

TripleHead Display Modes Resolution Refresh Rates 1920 x 480 60Hz, 2400 x 600 60Hz, 3072 x 768 60Hz, 3840 x 7204 60Hz, 3840 x 7684 60Hz, 3840 x 8004 60Hz, 3840 x 9604 60Hz, 3840 x 1024 60Hz
Minimum System Requirements Dual-link DVI or single VGA output connector, on a compatible system, Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, Windows XP x64bit, Windows Vista™ and Mac® OS X v10.4, Display driver supporting 1920 x 480, 2400 x 600, 3072 x 768 or 3840 x 1024 resolution, Powered USB connector
Connectors 1x HD-15 (analog) for input, 1x DVI-I (digital) for input, 3x DVI-I (digital) for output, 1x USB for power
SKU VS-001
Brand Matrox

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