Our Rental Process

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Booking for any AVDJ equipment is done online. The AVDJ system allows for multiple equipment rental for multiple days. All our rates are listed in real-time on our website.

In order for your booking to be confirmed, payment needs to be matched up with your booking total. In the absence of payments, the equipment may be booked for other jobs.

AVDJ will only schedule your delivery after we match up a paymnet to your booking. To allow for bank transfers to clear, payments should always be made 48 hours prior to your expected delivery date.

All AVDJ rates are based on a single day rate. A single day is 11am the morning of your booking to 11am the day after your booking. If you wish to book an item for multiple days, please select the option from the relevant drop-down list and our system will calculate new total.

AVDJ does not provide standard "dry" hire equipment deliveries on weekends. Any (standard) weekend booking will be delivered on Friday before 11am and picked up around 11am on Monday. For larger complex installations, the delivery, setup and pack down timing will be negotiated during the quotation process as part of your custom event requirements.

The simplest way to make a booking is to use the online system.

If you have any other questions on our rental process, please contact us.

Operating Hours

Administration Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday : Closed

Delivery Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 11:00am

Special Event Installations:

Negotiated based on event schedule