Portable PA Systems

AVDJ portable PAs / sound systems can be used for music and / or speeches and presentations. They are easy to operate, even for first time users, and can be transported in a standard hatchback or sedan. With built in amplifiers and individual volume controls they can be setup in only a few minutes.

Mid Size Sound System (1200 Watts)

Our mid size portable sound system is step up from our small portable sound system with an extra two 350w sub-woofer bass bins for a total power output of 1200 watts. It's best suited for medium sized venues or where lots of low end (bass!) is desired. It


Mid Size Sound System (2800 Watts)

Plenty of power and plenty of bass to cater for events between 200-300 people. Whether it is a dance party, large wedding reception or any other event where volume is the key priority. AVDJ’s 2800w sound system is guaranteed to provide plenty of punch and


Small Sound System (500 Watts)

The AVDJ small sound system is an ideal solution for most small to medium sized venues and can be used for music, speeches and live singing. It's our most popular sound system for parties, weddings, conferences, presentations and other events where attend


Small Sound System (800 Watts)

Ideal sound system for small to mid size rooms, AVDJ’s 800 Watt sound system will provide deep bass punch, clean midrange output and accurate high frequencies. Ideal for both vocal as well as background music such as iPods and laptops.