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Four audio channels simultaneously
Gives you the ability to record and monitor up to four input signals simultaneously.
Record acoustic instruments in stereo, while monitoring a second stereo source (like a keyboard mixer). Record four line level source at once.

Two studio-quality mic preamps
Allows you to use any microphone: dynamic, condenser, tube, with or without 48V phantom power.
No need for additional mic preamps, regardless of what type of microphone is to be used.

Inserts for Channels 1+2
Support for analog processing prior to A/D conversion
Effects like compressor/limiter can be used while recording - before A/D conversion. Critical for professional mic recording.

S/PDIF Interface
Two additional digital inputs and outputs.
a) Connect a CD Player, MD, DAT Recorder digitally for lossless 1:1 transfers.
b) Insert an external effects processor digitally.
c) Connect a channel strip with A/D digitally.
d) Send output signal to a digital mixer.
e) daisy-chain systems via VST System Link

MIDI Interface
16 channels of MIDI In and Out .
Connect a MIDI keyboard to play/record VST instruments, or connect a hardware remote controller. Send MIDI to external hardware instruments.

Direct Monitoring Mix Control
MIX knob adjusts balance between direct.
and computer playback signals for zero latency monitoring.
Monitor input sources directly and latency-free without going through the computer.
Perfect for timing-critical applications when even the slightest delay compromises the performance.

Auto-mono switching
When only one input is used, this signal is placed in the center of the monitor bus.
When recording – for example – a guitar or a monophonic microphone signal, this signal will appear in the center of your headphone monitor mix, instead of just one side.

Hi-Z instrument Input
Additional front panel line-level input.
Allows you conveniently to connect a guitar, bass or any other instrument.

Separate headphones and main volume controls
Individually controls for headphone volume and main output/monitor volume.
Separate controls for headphones and studio monitors

Intelligent clocking system
Add an external digital I/O device while still running the system on internal wordclock.
Insert an external effects processor digitally while still using the analog inputs and outputs for recording and monitoring.

100% bus-powered
No additional power supply required .
Makes the system independent from additional.
external power. Great for mobile recording.


SKU AI-001
Model # M14
Brand Steniberg

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