Video Converters

Browse our range of video converters / media convertors for hire in Auckland. Convert video / audio signals to digital format.

Blackmagic Analog to SDI Mini Converter

Perfect for converting from analog HD/SD component, NTSC, PAL or S-Video to SDI out with balanced jack AES/EBU and analog audio embedding. Now you can convert analog devices such as Betacam SP, VHS, set top boxes, gaming consoles and HDV cameras to incred


Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Mini Converter

Ideal for converting from HDMI devices to SDI out with the choice to embed SDI audio from the HDMI, AES/EBU or balanced analog audio inputs. Now you can add SDI outputs to video cameras with HDMI connections, or add SDI outputs to computers with HDMI comp


Blackmagic Optical Fiber Mini Converter

Now you can convert SDI to Optical Fiber, and Optical Fiber to SDI simultaneously. Mini Converter Optical Fiber automatically switches between any SD, HD, 3Gb/s HD-SDI video standards and each direction can be completely independent.


Blackmagic SDI to Analog Mini Converter

Includes everything you need to convert from SDI to analog HD/SD component, NTSC and PAL video out, plus balanced AES/EBU and analog audio out. Easily connect to Betacam SP, VHS and analog video monitors. Features hardware down converter to connect HD-SDI


Blackmagic UpDownCross Mini Converter

UpDownCross converter includes both up, down and cross conversion as well as a 4 field standards converter! Fantastic for placement on deck SDI inputs, so you always get NTSC or PAL into the deck. Use the cross converter to convert 720p to 1080i or 1080i


Extron UPS 405 Universal Signal Processor

The Extron USP 405 Universal Signal Processor is the one box solution for all video signal conversion needs. It is an all-in-one, high-performance scaler, scan converter, transconverter, format converter, switcher, and transcoder.


HDfury 3 - HDCP Stripper an DA Converter

HDfury3 is the worlds€™s most powerful HDCP deciphering converter ever built! Introducing new features such as two HDMI 1.3 inputs with Deep Colour(TM) support and auto/manual switching, 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS sound, perfect image centering in both compone


Roland V-1HD HDMI Video Mixer

Designed to make switching and mixing 4 video signals a breeze. The Roland V-1HD features 4 HDMI inputs that can be used with cameras, laptops, video playback devices, Blu-ray, Smartphones and much more. Offering very simple user control of mixing between


TV One Universal Scaler / Converter / Switcher

The C2-2350A is a multi-format video signal conversion and glitch-free switching between a variety of computer and video input signal formats. Utelising the exclusive CORIO2 conversion technology and capable of dealing with virtually any type of analogue